Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

19 Mar

So I realize the month is more than half over, but did you know it’s National Craft Month?

I’ve been keeping busy with my long term crocheting project to celebrate! Other than crocheting I’ve been waiting patiently to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Why do you ask have I been waiting for this holiday? Because a year ago I saw this recipe for Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. I should have given in and made them before St. Patrick’s Day but I

Hello Delicious...

waited and this weekend I got to make them. Now for anyone that doesn’t know an Irish Car Bomb is a shot glass filled with half Bailey’s and half Irish Whiskey, normally Jameson, that is then dropped into a half pint of Guinness and then chugged. It tastes like a vanilla milkshake!

Even though the cupcakes were really involved they weren’t difficult to make. But I did learn how much I get frustrated with frosting. I think I need to practice but at the same time who wants to waste or eat all that frosting?! The cupcakes were a chocolate Guinness with an Irish Whiskey chocolate ganache filling and topped with a Bailey Buttercream frosting. They were amazing!!!

I was kind of annoyed that everyone ate them at the get together! I want to make another batch and keep them all to myself!!


2 Responses to “Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes”

  1. chris October 7, 2012 at 4:25 pm #

    Where have you been….. Miss your posts

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