16 Jan

Have you ever felt true freedom? Like honest to goodness freedom? As if you’ve let go of everything that was holding you back or down? I think I just felt that for the first time in my life. I was given news, and as I heard everything I could feel this warmth wash through me and this weight lift off my lungs. It was almost cliche but I took that first breath and felt like I was able to breathe in so much more air. And with that air came the realization that I was happy. Delirious with the thought that I could move on in my own happiness and not be afraid of that nagging voice telling me to turn back. Because that voice is gone. For the first time I’m just me and I’m excited. I don’t need anyone else to contribute to my happiness. I no longer need to “fake it til I make it” I made it. I’m happy.


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