Just the Beginning

3 Jan

I’ve started and abruptly ended multiple blogs before, so why start this one now?

Well a little before Christmas the 5 year relationship I had been in and out of ended quite painfully. I spent a couple of days being extremely angry, crying myself to sleep, listening to Pearl Jam’s Black nonstop and drinking one too many bottles of wine, but then I realized I’m ok. In fact I’m better than ok, I have the opportunity to find out who I am all over again. Not quite reinvent myself but get reacquainted with who I am. Of course this thinking was easier if I looked in the mirror and didn’t see the same person as always so, with the help of some family, I dyed my hair. This way the difference I want to feel on the inside could be shown on the outside.  Baby steps, right?

My personal thought process always goes to the negative first so after my ‘I am woman hear me roar’ moment wore off, I started thinking about how I hate being alone and how I’ve been “Sarah and” for so long that I don’t know what just I like anymore. So I made myself sit and write down (I’m a list type of person) all of my favorites. They went something like this: crocheting, baking, the Cleveland Browns, socializing with friends, laughing with my family. Then I thought for a moment how these items can help me grow as a person and the thought to start up another blog was formed.

I’m looking at this as more of a way that I can remind myself of all that I’m capable of as an individual. Whether it’s through the projects or memories I create. And although I would love to be more self-confident as I continue this journey I know that in order to become that way I need the right people to help me along.

Now I am in no way a professional at this stuff. I love crocheting and have been known to sit down and just start making a blanket just because. I enjoy baking even though I lack the patience needed for decorating. And I recently discovered how amazing Pinterest.com is so I have begun attempts at being crafty. I hope that this blog shares with all of you my journey in discovering my capabilities, or lack thereof.  I will try my hardest to share each step of the process with you all. In return, please feel free to ask questions or give suggestions on what I should undertake next!



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